Advisor Dashboard Integration

Project objectives: 1) design a dashboard with multiple integration options into legacy software, 2) customization UI for the user (financial advisors), and 3) incorporate a personalization technology called Smart Text, which converts financial data into commentary. In accordance with NDA guidelines, some details and visuals are omitted.

Market Page Overview

Dashboard designed for 24 inch or more monitors, no mobile access


Multiple software platforms that are not connected.


One application to access client and market content.


Advisors can’t keep track of client portfolio changes.


High level explanatory visuals relevant to clients.


Users have individual preferences of their display.


Ensure UI is customizable to the Advisor’s needs.

Interface Integration

The dashboard is integrated in two ways: 1) A dynamic ticker that is anchored to the bottom of the user's browser window, and 2) a data module positioned aside. Both options may be expanded at any time to view the full display.

Dashboard Integration 1) dynamic ticker 2) aside module | Interaction of ticker being expanded - built this demo (expansion disabled, seen in GIF) and presented to shareholders

Market Data Module
Module: Market Data Module This module provides a high level overview of the day's market
Alternative Data Module
Module: Alternative View Same high level overview, with a customized view
Global Market Data
Global Markets Data Data visualization adjustable by time frame and offers the advisors a snapshot of sector performance
Holdings Module
Module: Holdings This module is displaying Smart Text, providing convenient talking points advisor may share with client
Markets Page Overview Markets page overview Global Markets Page Overview Global markets page overview Smart Text 'Smart Text' informing user of latest updates Stock Page Individual symbol page overview Watchlist and Tools Page Watchlist and other tools page Smart Text Smart Text, based on current graph selections

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