Product design with the team of teams

CrossLead is a consulting services and software firm, that uses technology to augment the client service practice and offers a SaaS web application. The organization is lead by former Navy Seal David Silverman, who is the co-writer of the NY Times bestselling book Team of Teams. Based on this methodology: CrossLead helps clients restructure their organization, optimize business practices through strategic planning, align company vision to execution, and foster better decision making amongst complex environments.

I led product design in research, ideation, user experience, user interface, prototyping, visual design, and implementation. This includes enhancing legacy products, creating new products with services team, and evolving the SaaS application. I worked alongside a product lead, 2 product managers, design contractors, and 10 developers.

CrossLead Overview

Value innovation: the platform allows team leads to build plans with actionable projects that have measurable results

Network Map Network map tool is used to visualize org survey results
Survey Results Visualization of org survey results, displaying key influencers in a data set vote, by segment

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