Environmental Initiative

In 2005, the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) negotiated a program called REDD, a partnership of nearly 60 countries committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The program focuses on deforestation and implementing reforestation incentives. Partnered with Peru’s Ministry of Environment, my objective was to visualize exploratory data of Peruvian land management and it’s REDD initiatives.

Peru REDD Landing Page Project landing page, left side navigation controls data displayed by region.

Exploring the Data

The data includes: land ownership details, local laws, logging, agricultural needs, land conversion, indigenous people’s land, deforested land, reforested land, carbon dioxide emissions, forest degradation, and historical trends. The Ministry of Peru’s user/officials use this for 1) research purposes 2) general database 3) identifying areas of opportunity and 4) presentations.

Peru REDD Landing Page Peru REDD Landing Page Peru REDD Landing Page Peru REDD Landing Page
Deforestation Page
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Regristry Page

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